The case of Kim Davis: When beliefs conflict with laws

The case of Kim Davis: When beliefs conflict with laws

EAST TEXAS (KLTV) - I am sure you have seen the story about the Kentucky County Clerk that refused to issue same-sex marriage licenses, on the basis that it conflicted with her faith, after the Supreme Court ruling that paved the way for same sex marriage to be recognized across the nation.

The case garnered national attention from all sides of the debate and the clerk, Kim Davis, went to jail for several days. Upon her release, she pledged not to issue  licenses but also she pledged not to interfere with members of her staff issuing licenses. You have to admire her conviction and many Christians have and are wrestling in a similar manner.

We all have issues with some laws, governing rules and the like but when they conflict with our faith, what should we do? Romans Chapter 13 says we should follow our government's authority. It is a difficult situation to seek to find a comfortable resolution from and we may never feel fully comfortable.

I don't believe that her faith is being sacrificed by the issuance of the licenses. Her beliefs are firmly intact and she can choose not to embrace any marriages – same sex or otherwise – that apply in her office. But ultimately, she should not stand in the way of this. Additionally, she should not be vilified by those that are offended by her beliefs or stance on this issue.

And yet, she has been characterized as a monster, a bigot and host of other names. We need to hold on to our beliefs but we cannot use our beliefs to sacrifice our obedience to the law.

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