Could Trump's momentum carry him to the White House?

Could Trump's momentum carry him to the White House?

EAST TEXAS (KLTV) - Donald Trump continues to defy the odds and the political experts by continuing to lead in the polls on the Republican side of the presidential nomination process.

Additionally, Dr. Ben Carson is gaining popularity as well while most of the remaining candidates are struggling to gain footing. So what can be drawn from this? You might be able to conclude that Trump's message is really resonating with voters, but, honestly, he has very little substance up to this point in his presentation.

A check of his official website only addresses immigration reform while nearly every other candidate has a very specific set of goals or at least targets on numerous issues. I think part of the appeal is Trump's packaging. He conducts what amounts to pep rallies and ultimately generates support from them by saying what many people would like to say to some members of our government.

Another possibility, and I think this one has more credence to it, is that voters are truly tired of professional politicians. There is a general distrust of many of them and while each of the remaining candidates has a very passionate base, they are also fighting the stigma of being part of the partisan gridlock that currently exists.

Carson is winning a similar battle but he does have some specific issue plans. This is absolutely a wakeup call for the other candidates in both parties.  They must find a way to separate from their political office tether. It will take something dramatic as well.

Until then, Trump has the momentum that could take him to the White House.

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