Sitting at the top: TJC Volleyball

Sitting at the top: TJC Volleyball

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - "TJC sports across the board are always ranked, there always up there," said Brandi Hood, Head Volleyball Coach.

And this year is no exception with Apaches volleyball topping the charts with a number one national ranking. While this may come as an exciting surprise to Tyler Junior College sport fans, it hasn't caught the players off guard.

"I knew that this is how TJC was, prior to coming in. Its exciting to be apart of that TJC, not just looking at them and seeing that their number one, but being apart of whats number one," said Halee Brewer, freshman.

"We have good players and good coaches, and so everyone is always trying to beat Tyler. Whenever you're number one that just puts an extra target on your back. We can handle the pressure, so its alright," said Kellyn Reeves, sophomore.

There record backs up that statement, going to 11-2 so far, plus taking their first conference game against Trinity Valley in three sets.

"We do not lose conference games, that's just not something that we do. So the goal is to win out conference and be number one in the region," said Reeves.

If you ask these girls what the secret is to being to best, the answer may sound familiar.

"The small things. We talk about the small things so much. Do the small things correctly, the things I taught you. You know, I want you to do what I'm telling you to do, and I'm telling you you'll be successful if you do those little things," said Brewer.

While being number one has a nice ring to it, Coach Brandi Hood will tell you that the ranking is not a focus for this team, but what gets you that ranking that is.

"We just do what were supposed to do, were very disciplined. And with that comes the wins, and it comes that higher up ranking," said Hood.

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