Gun Expert Clarifies Semi Automatic

A Longview gun dealer clarifies what type of gun was used in the Tyler downtown square shooting. Investigators say it was not an AK-47 assault riffle, as originally thought. Instead, it was a similar gun, a semi automatic, the Norinco Mak-90. The common misconception is the "semi-automatic" is equal to some high powered assault weapon, but any number of weapons, small or large caliber , can be semi-automatic.

"When you hear semi-automatic rifle, a lot of people assume it's a high powered rifle but that's not always the case" says Longview gun expert Craig Clotz .

An expert on firearms, Clotz  says many weapons some you wouldn't even think of, are semi-automatic, but that doesn't mean they are military style weapons.

"A lot of your 22's, most of your 22 rifles are semi-automatic. A semi automatic weapon is an auto loader. The difference is you do have to pull the trigger every time to make it shoot" says Clotz.

Ak-47's, Mak-90's, 9 millimeter and 45 handguns, 22's even deer rifles can be semi-automatic. The key is its a time saver, unlike a revolver which you must reload manually, semi automatics use magazines to automatically reload, ejecting the spent shell casing. The key to remember is the are not fully automatic like a machine gun, they don't fire all rounds in one volley.

Bob Hallmark reporting.