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Detective interviewing capital murder suspect: 'You're a callous killer'

(Source: KLTV staff) (Source: KLTV staff)
Capital murder defendant James Calvert (Source: KLTV staff) Capital murder defendant James Calvert (Source: KLTV staff)
Jelena Sriraman, Calvert's estranged wife, who found was found dead Oct. 31, 2012 (Source: Facebook) Jelena Sriraman, Calvert's estranged wife, who found was found dead Oct. 31, 2012 (Source: Facebook)

Editor's Note: The murder trial for capital murder defendant James Calvert continued Tuesday. Cody Lillich is in the courtroom providing live coverage through 7OnScene; follow his updates here.

Warning: Mild profanity in this story. 

The James Calvert on video from the night he was captured in West Monroe, Louisiana, in 2012 is very different than the Calvert seen in court.

Tyler Police Detectives Craig Shine and Nathan Elliott drove to West Monroe, Louisiana to interview the capital murder suspect they had been searching for in relation to a murder and abduction in Tyler. Calvert consistently, throughout the three-and-a-half hour interview, said he did not know who killed his ex-wife, Jelena Sriraman on October 31, 2012.

One of the detectives asked Calvert, "What would you like us to tell your children?"

Calvert told them he wanted them to tell the children "Daddy loves them" and that he would see them soon.

When asked about the events of that Halloween night, he tells officers, "I can't answer; I mean, I remember being with Lucas. I remember going to the fair, or festival, or whatever." Detectives told Calvert they could tell when Calvert was telling the truth, he would give a straight answer with no hesitation, when he was telling a lie, he would always start with 'uhh' and stutter his speech.

In this video, Calvert's speech is noticeably slower, almost slurred, at the start of the video. By the end, he is speaking normally to detectives.

The detectives ask Calvert if he had seen the Amber Alert for his vehicle when he crossed the Louisiana state line, one of them saying to him, "everybody in the whole United States was looking for your son." There was such a large response to look for Lucas Calvert, the City of Tyler activated their Emergency Operations Center, a resource usually activated for large-scale disasters.

Calvert told the detectives "I don't know where I was going."

Detectives ask him why he did not go back to Tyler after attending a fall festival in Shreveport, he replies "I just didn't."

"So you kidnapped Lucas?" one detective asks. 

Calvert responds, "You can't kidnap your own child."

"So what would you call it?" the detective asks.

"Spending time with my son," Calvert said on the video.

Detectives ask what he'll tell Lucas when he gets older, and he tells them he won't live that long.

"I probably won't be alive that long. I'll probably end up killing myself," Calvert said mentioning he is apparently charged with capital murder and could face the death penalty.

Calvert never accounted for his activities between 10 a.m. and noon on the day Jelena was killed. He said the detectives just wanted to close the case.

"You want to be on the 10 o'clock news saying (slams fist on desk) 'Yes, we got him! Hahaha!" Calvert said.

Calvert told Craig Shine, the lead detective on the case, he was sorry he and a fellow detective had to make the drive to Louisiana in the middle of the night.

"I'm not," Detective Shine said. He had previously testified this is the biggest case in his career and the moment they heard Lucas Calvert was found and was safe it brought tears to his eyes. One of Shine's children was the same age as Lucas Calvert.

Another detective told Calvert, "What that shows right there is you don't give a rat's ass."

Calvert then complains he is tired and in pain.

Detective Shine says "You're a callous killer."

The detectives from Tyler police left Calvert alone in the room for several minutes, when they re-entered, Calvert said "So y'all got a plea offer for me?!"

Detectives tell Calvert they would like to take a swab of his saliva for DNA. Calvert tells them, "Never."

Calvert also says 'never' to detectives taking his clothes; however, those were collected as evidence after multiple officers restrained him.

The child Calvert is accused of abducting, the focus of the multi-state Amber Alert, Lucas, will take the stand Sept. 21-22, as his father has subpoenaed him to testify in court. 

James Calvert is accused of shooting Jelena Sriraman before abducting their then 4-year-old son Lucas and fleeing to Louisiana, where he was eventually arrested. Calvert is acting as his own legal defense.

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