Construction projects for the week of September 14

Construction projects for the week of September 14

EAST TEXAS (KLTV) - Released by The Texas Department of Public Safety:

TYLER – Here's a look at work planned in the district during the Week of Sept. 14, 2015. These schedules are subject to change due to weather conditions, equipment failure or other unforeseen issues.

Districtwide Seal Coat Operations are wrapping up with roadways in Smith County rounding out summer program activities. Work gets underway on the following roads this week:

FM 14 in Smith County from the I-20 South Service Road going south to Loop 323 in Tyler

FM 2767 in Smith County from FM 2908 going east to FM 757

Striping operations continue on previously sealed roadways in Anderson, Cherokee, Rusk, Van Zandt, and Wood counties. Expect lane closures.

Elsewhere, the $5.2 million night time operation on US 79 in Henderson (Rusk County) has started. The repair project runs from FM 225 going north to the Traffic Star. Work will be conducted in one-mile sections from 7 p.m. to 6 a.m. each Sunday through Thursday for the duration of the project. Business access will be temporarily affected as the contractor stages equipment. Get more information on this project in the Rusk County portion of this news release.

ANDERSON COUNTY – Palestine crews plan to perform maintenance activities on various roadways around the county. Expect lane closures in work locations with traffic control provided by flaggers.

Anderson County construction projects updates:

US 79 New Lane Construction

•      Limits: 1.6 miles southwest of Loop 256 in Palestine south to .4 mile southwest of FM 645

•      Contractor: Longview Bridge and Road, Ltd., of Longview.

•      Cost: $42,740,365.19

The contractor continues dirt work on the south end of the project as well as performing other miscellaneous activities along the project limits. No traffic delays are expected.

US 79 – Night Work Repairs

•      Limits: Loop 256 in Palestine southwest to 1.4 miles southwest of FM 1990 (Tile Factory Road)

•      Contractor: Big Creek Construction of Hewitt, TX

•      Cost: $2,374,737.51

Night time operations are underway to make repairs to US 79. This three-month project requires closing the roadway from 7 p.m. to 6 a.m. each Sunday through Thursday for the duration of the project. Currently, mill and inlay work is ongoing. Completion expected in mid-October.

SH 19 Widening in Anderson County

•      Limits: 3.6 miles north of FM 837 (Henderson Co. line) south to .4 mile north of FM 321 at Montalba

•      Contractor: Big Creek Construction of Hewitt

•      Cost: $12,487,715.87

Work to widen SH 19 in this area continues. Lane closures and delays can be expected as flex base and cement treat operations progress. Expect lane closures and delays.

Off-System Bridge Replacement Project

•      Limits: County Road (CR) 453 at Beaver Creek

•      Contractor: Highway 19 Construction of Sulphur Springs, Texas

•      Cost: $256,312.87

CR 453 remains closed at Beaver Creek while the new bridge is built. Use alternate routes to reach your destinations until the project is completed later this month.

Off-System Bridge Replacement Project

Limits: County Road (CR) 471 at Box Creek

Contractor: Longview Bridge and Road, Ltd., of Longview

Cost: $817,412.15

CR 471 at Box Creek is closed to through traffic as a new bridge is built. Completion set for this month.

CHEROKEE COUNTY – Crews from Jacksonville and Rusk start the week Monday and Tuesday by continuing overlay operations on US 79 between Jacksonville and New Summerfield before spreading out to conduct edge and base repairs on various roadways around the county. Expect lane closures and brief delays with flaggers providing traffic control.

GREGG COUNTY – Longview Maintenance crews are constructing an emergency crossover on I-20 from FM 2087 to SH 149/Estes Parkway. Expect lane closures in the east- and west- bound lanes.

Gregg County construction projects updates:

I-20 Total Maintenance Contract

Limits: Gregg, Smith and Van Zandt counties

Contractor: Fireman Excavating

No work is being conducted this week.

SH 31 Landscape Project

Limits: 0.3 miles north of FM 2205 (Grace Creek) to 0.2 miles south of U.S. 80 (Cotton) in Longview

Contractor: South Texas Illuminations, LLC

Cost: $281,249.70

Vegetation and irrigation work is ongoing for this project which comes as a result of the city winning one of 10 Governor's Community Achievement Awards presented by Keep Texas Beautiful in partnership with TxDOT, which allocates $2,000,000 a year as landscape incentives to competing communities based on population and efforts in litter prevention and cleanup, public awareness, beautification and property improvement, solid waste management, illegal dumping and enforcement, and education.

FM 2275 George Richey Extension (Segments II & III)

•      Limits: McCann Road to US 259

•      Contractor: East Texas Bridge, Inc.

•      Cost: $12.8 million

This project is constructing a new roadway from McCann Road to US 259. Clearing between Judson and Airline roads continues with excavation, embankment, bridge construction, subgrade treatment, storm drain and other work between McCann and Judson roads. The contractor recently began paving operations. While this is a new location project that generally doesn't impact traffic motorists should plan to take other routes to get around Airline Road which is closed through March 2016.

Loop 281 at FM 2087 Overpass

•      Limits: SH 31 to approximately one mile south of SH 31

•      Contractor: Longview Bridge and Road, Ltd., of Longview.

•      Cost: $13.2 million

This project to build a new overpass is in Phase III of construction with traffic moved off the existing loop onto the detours. The contractor continues forming and pouring bridge rail. Expect delays during the peak evening hours. Caution advised in detour areas.

SH 42

•      Limits: From SH 31 north to I-20

•      Contractor: Reynolds & Kay, Ltd.

•      Cost: $3.7 million

Night work is slated with the contractor laying seal coat and hot mix in the main lanes Sunday from 7 p.m. to 6 a.m. Expect lane closures. This project is constructing a left turn lane at Hillcrest Road along with storm drain and curb and gutter. It should be finished in early fall. Use caution in this and all work zones.

I-20 Dynamic Message Signs (DMS)


·       East of FM 1255 westbound - Van Zandt County

·       West of FM 849 eastbound - Smith County

·       Derrick Park westbound - Smith County

Contractor: Highway Intelligent Traffic Solutions Corp.

Final testing of these signs continues. There is sporadic impact to traffic as this project nears completion.

I-20 PFC Project

Limits: SH 31E to the Harrison County line

Contractor: Madden Contracting Company, LLC

Cost: $5,584,277

No work planned this week. The project consists of applying a porous friction course (PFC) surface overlay, shoulder texturing, and pavement markings as well as work on the I-20 on ramps.

Porous friction courses (PFC) consist of placing hot mix asphalt mixtures at the surface of a pavement structure in a thin layer to produce benefits for the traveling public such as safety, economy and the environment.

HENDERSON COUNTY – Athens Maintenance is conducting mill and inlay work on Business 31 inside Loop 7 on the city's west side. Work will then move to the east side of the Athens between FM 2495 and Loop 7. Expect lane closures with flaggers providing traffic control.

Henderson County construction projects updates:

SH 31 Repair Project

Limits: .09 miles west of FM 317 eastward to .34 miles west of FM 773

Contractor: Big Creek Construction, Ltd., of Hewitt

Cost: $3.6 million

Work to place a new overlay on this part of SH 31 should be finished in late October. The contractor is milling the existing surface for replacement. Expect lane closures for the duration of the project.

US 175 Widening Project

Limits: 0.1 miles southeast of FM 804 near Baxter southeast to 1.1 miles east of Loop 60E at Larue

Contractor: A.L. Helmcamp, Inc. and Big Creek Construction

Cost: $39.2 million

The project expands US 175 from two lanes to a four-lane divided with a depressed median. Phase I construction started April 6, 2015 and has a November 2018 completion date. In the coming weeks, the contractor plans to continue work in the median area on the west end of the project in preparation for a detour. This will require lane closures in both directions. Dirt and drainage work around Loop 60E in Larue to near Baxter is ongoing. The speed limit in the construction zone has been set at 55 mph. Remember, traffic fines double when workers are present.

The Phase II project is set to begin the week of September 21. The $37.8 million contract was awarded to Sundt Construction, Inc., of San Antonio. The limits stretch 3.4 miles from 1.1 miles east of Loop 60E at Larue southeast to 0.85 miles east of FM 315 in Poynor. A portion of this phase will be built on new location around the south side of Poynor.

FM 316 Project

Limits: From FM 1256 south to FM 3080

Contractor: Big Creek Construction, Ltd., of Hewitt

This project is included with the SH 198 widening project in Van Zandt County. Culvert work should begin this week. Expect lane closures.

FM 317 Widening Project

Limits: From FM 314 to FM 607

Contractor: Big Creek Construction, Ltd., of Hewitt

Clean up activities continue on this project to widen FM 317 from FM 314 to FM 607. Expect lane closures.

Off-System Bridge Replacement Project

Limits: Cardinal Drive at Little Duncan Creek in Murchison

Contractor: Hartbeat Construction of Tyler

Cost: $314,919.44

Cardinal Drive is closed to through traffic as a new bridge is built. Completion set for later this month.

RUSK COUNTY – Henderson Maintenance is placing a hot mix overlay on FM 225 from FM 1798 to US 84. Expect lane closures and delays with one lane carrying two-way traffic controlled by a pilot car.

US 79 Repair Project Night Operations

Limits: From FM 225 going north to the Traffic Star (intersection of US 79/SH 64/SH 43/US 259)

Contractor: Madden Contracting Company

Cost: $5.2 million

Work consists of grinding five inches into the existing pavement next to the curb and replacing it immediately with five inches of new hot mix asphalt and sealcoat. Work will be conducted at night only, from 7 p.m. to 6 a.m. Sunday through Thursday for the duration of the project to minimize impacts to traffic. Crews will work in one-mile sections, beginning at FM 225 going north. They will then turn around and continue work in the southbound lanes. Two lanes in one direction will be affected at a time. The project is expected to be completed in October providing motorists a smoother, safer ride. Watch for flaggers, message signs, cones and barricades, and plan for brief delays in this work zone.

US 259 Resurfacing Project

Limits: From FM 315 in Mt. Enterprise north to CR 485 about 3 miles north of the FM 1798 overpass

Contractor: Madden Contracting Company, LLC

Cost: $4,309,817.27

The contractor is applying striping on the northbound lanes of US 259 from FM 1798 to SH 315. The project should wrap up later this month. Expect lane closures.

SH 64 Widening Project

•      Limits: 0.173 miles west of BU 64E (N. Marshall St.) east to 0.2 miles west of U.S. 79 (Traffic Star)

•      Contractor: Lonestar Equipment Company, Inc.

•      Cost: $2.1 million

Motorists should expect periodic delays on this SH 64 construction project in Henderson as the contractor works to widen the roadway. Construction of the retaining wall continues with no impact to traffic at this time. The traffic signal at N. Marshall St. has been removed and Stop Signs installed. The signal at Mill St. will remain but will be upgraded. Use caution through this work zone.

The project started in August 2013 and consists of widening the existing two-lane roadway and constructing a four-lane facility along with a continuous Left Turn Lane with the majority of work being performed outside the existing travel lanes.

SMITH COUNTY – Tyler Maintenance is placing an overlay on SH 135 between SH 64 east and FM 345 through Downtown Arp. The roadway will be reduced to one lane with flaggers providing traffic control. A second crew will be conducting ditch work on various roadways around the county. Lane closures are possible.

Smith County construction projects updates:

FM 1253 Widening Project

Limits: From County Road 462 south, 1.3 miles north of FM 857 south to FM 1805

Contractor: Longview Bridge and Road, Ltd., of Longview

Cost: $7.5 million

Barricades will be set and construction to start Monday, September 14. This project includes widening, sealing and surfacing  FM 1253.

Loop 323 West Widening

•      Limits: Tyler's West Loop and SH 31

•      Contractor: Longview Bridge and Road, Ltd., of Longview

•      Cost: $12 million

Work on the retaining walls and the new bridge continues. Motorists should use caution when traveling through this work zone as crews and heavy equipment are working close to the travel lanes. Remember, NO LEFT TURNS are allowed onto East Bellwood from the loop. Expect lane closures. Motorists are encouraged to take alternate routes to avoid delays. Construction is in full swing with an expected completion date in early 2016.

The project includes widening Loop 323 from SH 31 to Shaw Street. The speed limit on Loop 323 in the work zone has been reduced to 45 mph from SH 64 to Shaw Street.

Loop 323 Northeast Project

Limits: From American Legion Road (@ the Loop 323 Extension to US 271) south to Commerce St.

Contractor:  Reynolds and Kay, LTD.

Cost: $3.4 million

This project includes culvert extensions, base repair, level-up and placing an overlay. Work this week includes building temporary driveways. Other work is also anticipated. Expect shoulder closures. Completion is expected in November.

SH 31E Widening Project

•      Limits: From FM 757 to FM 2012

•      Contractor: Reynolds & Kay, LTD

•      Cost: $7.8 million

Expect shoulder closures as work on structures continues on the north side of this project to add passing lanes for multiple sections of roadway in both the eastbound and westbound directions. Once the widening is complete, a seal coat and final surface will be applied. A daily construction speed limit of 60 mph is in place when work is being performed on this 18-month job.

SH 31E Widening Project

•      Limits: From FM 850 to FM 757

•      Contractor: East Texas Bridge, Inc.

•      Cost: $3.4 million

This project to widen SH 31E from FM 850 east of Tyler to FM 757 includes adding passing lanes for multiple sections of the roadway in both directions. The new passing lanes are open as final work is conducted. Expect shoulder closures.

Off-System Bridge Replacement Project

•      Limits: County Roads (CR) 452 and 481

•      Contractor: Pierce Construction

•      Cost: $560,000

Both roads are closed to through traffic requiring motorists to use alternate routes to reach their destinations. The contractor plans to place mow strips this week. Completion expected in October 2015.

SH 64

•      Limits: from Chapel Hill to Arp

•      Contractor: Drewery Construction of Nacogdoches

•      Cost: $3.9 million

Work on the passing lanes between FM 2607 and Arp is ongoing with the contractor conducting seal coat and level up work. If time allows, surface work could also be performed. Motorists are urged to use extra caution and to watch for flaggers and a pilot car providing traffic control through this work zone. The daily speed zone reduction is posted at 60 mph when workers are present on this Super 2 widening job. Expect delays and traffic control conducted by flaggers and a pilot car.

FM 850 Resurfacing Project

Limits: 0.445 miles southeast of FM 2607 to the Rusk County line in Overton

Contractor:  Drewery Construction of Nacogdoches

Cost: $2.1 million

This project consists of resurfacing the roadway by placing an overlay from FM 2607 to SH 135 in Overton. Cleanup and vegetation work continues.

VAN ZANDT COUNTY – Canton Maintenance is conducting edge repairs on SH 110 between US 80 and FM 1255 this week. Expect lane closures.

Van Zandt County construction projects updates:

SH 64 Widening Project

Limits: From FM 858 near Ben Wheeler to FM 314

Contractor: A.L. Helmcamp, Inc., of Buffalo

Cost: $7.4 million

This project to add shoulders and passing lanes to SH 64 began in December 2012. Completion is late October.

SH 198 Widening Project

Limits: from SH 243 in Canton southwest to 0.4 miles northeast of FM 316 near Phalba

Contractor: Big Creek Construction, Ltd., of Waco

Cost: $5 million

The contractor is slated to start widening the pavement on this project. Expect lane closures.

FM 314 Widening Project

•      Limits: from I-20 to the Van Zandt/Henderson County line

•      Contractor: A.L. Helmcamp, Inc., of Buffalo

•      Cost: $11.9 million

The contractor is performing clean up and erosion control activities south of Edom. Expect lane closures.

I-20 Project

Limits: From 1.6 miles east of FM 16 to 2.9 miles east of FM 314

Contractor: APAC-Texas, Inc.

Cost: $2.4 million

The contractor is placing striping on the mainlanes and ramps. Expect daily lane closures. No project work occurs on Friday's.

Purtis Creek State Park Road Improvements Project

Limits: Within Purtis Creek State Park to just off FM 316

·         Contractor: Construction Companies Group, LLC

Cost: $90,549.00

Rehab work continues on this project designed to make upgrades to Park Road which runs .573 miles inside the park. It should take about a month to complete.

WOOD COUNTY – Mineola crews plan to conduct base repairs on FM 14 from FM 49 to SH 154 as well as level up and overlay work between FM 2088 and SH 37. Expect lane closures with flaggers conducting traffic control.

Wood County construction projects updates:

SH 37 Roadway Repair

Limits: from FM 2088 in Quitman to 0.4 miles south of FM 515 in Winnsboro

Contractor: Longview Bridge and Road, Ltd., of Longview

Cost: $7.7 million

Work on driveways and pavement edges repairs scheduled on this project from just south of FM 313 in Winnsboro southward toward FM 2088. Expect lane closures.

FM 2869 Project

Limits: From FM 852, south of Winnsboro going south to FM 2088

Contractor: Longview Bridge and Road, Ltd., of Longview

The contractor is installing driveway pipe and working on structures within the project limits. Expect lane closures.