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Investigation Into Arms Used By Tyler Square Gunman

Questions remain about how a Tyler man was able to arm himself for his deadly rampage on the downtown Tyler square. When we looked into it today, we found out it's not very difficult to get an "AK 47", armor piercing bullets, and even a bullet proof vest. The gun David Arroyo used, a "Norinco Mak-90", is a variation of the AK-47. It is a fairly common sight on shelves of gun dealers and shops. Neither are classified as assault weapons, both are replica's, made by Chinese, Russian and Rumanian makers, and are fairly easy to purchase even in east Texas.

"If they can pass a background check set up by the FBI then yes they can purchase this gun just like any other hunting rifle" says Longview gun dealer Craig Clotz.

A simple Internet search showed how easy it was to find and purchase bullet proof vests  and special "steel jacket" rounds that pierce body armor. The AK-47 has a 30 round magazine capable of firing 22-hundred feet per second, it's a semi-automatic weapon and once a round is chambered all you have to do is pull the trigger to keep firing. Experts with the east Texas police academy say using a bullet proof vest and the superior firepower of the Mak-90 showed Arroyo's deadly intentions.

Bob Hallmark, reporting.

"It's something that was deliberately planned, he knew where he wanted to be he knew where he was going, he knew what his potential threats were or could be, and he carried out his act" says east Texas Police Academy firearms instructor Tim Young.

Gun dealers point out it is not illegal to own one of these replica rifles. They it's just a machine, and by itself can't hurt anyone.

Bob Hallmark reporting.

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