Pittsburg head coach: Family that plays together, stays together

Pittsburg head coach: Family that plays together, stays together

PITTSBURG, TX (KLTV) - The saying goes "A family that plays together, stays together." And on the football field at Pittsburg High School, they're taking it to a whole new level.

"It's a different experience to work for your son, but it's been so good," said Eddie Baca, Pittsburg Pirates defensive coordinator.

When Brad Baca was hired as the head coach for the Pirates, he knew right then and there who he wanted to hire as his defensive coordinator.

"My dad's resume speaks for itself. He's been a coach in Texas for over 30 years, he's been a head football coach and athletic director for 15 of those years," Brad said. "He's been very successful, so it was easy. He just jumped at the opportunity, and we'be thought about coaching together for a long time."

But why just have two Bacas, when you can have three? And that's where Eddie's son and Brad's brother comes into play -- literally -- as the starting quarterback.

"This is something that you dream, or something like that.. to go play for your brother, who is not as strict as your dad, but he still kinda holds you accountable to stuff," said Brian Baca, quarterback for the Pirates.

And while sibling rivalry may be alive and well, it seems that coach and player have got things figure out.

"I get to coach as my position player, and that's fun. I get to mess with him all the time. He's done a very good job of being professional when were out here, I'm not just Brad his older brother, I'm Coach Baca," said Brad.

Besides family and professionalism, the other thing the Bacas have brought to Pittsburg are wins. Now 2-0, you can't help but think there must be something to this trio, though they won't take all the credit.

"It's a tribute to the kids, they're the ones that are playing. They were here, and we've just been so proud that they really bought into what we're trying to do." said Brad.

"I know that we love these kids. I think that love, when you love somebody, it tends to motivate them to their best efforts. And these are the greatest kids that I've been apart of," said Eddie.

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