Victim Of Courthouse Shooting Remembered

Maribel's divorce attorney, Joshua Wintters, says he only knew Maribel for a short time, but that she left a distinct impression upon him. He says Estrada always kept in touch with him after she divorced David Hernandez Arroyo, Sr. Wintters said Estrada often came by his office to chat about her kids. Wintters described her as a sweet woman.

"She was a very soft, gentle, kind woman. You could look at her and tell she was struggling to make her way in the world and what made up her life was her work and her kids. She'd always be very friendly and ask me how I was, how my family was. She was a very kind-hearted woman," says Wintters.

Maribel had three sons with her ex-husband David. They are 22, 19, and 10 years old. It was the 22 year old who was also shot today, next to his mother, outside the courthouse. He was shot in the leg and underwent surgery earlier tonight. Her youngest son just celebrated a birthday.

Again, the reason Maribel Estrada and David Arroyo were at the courthouse today was for a child support hearing. Wintters said Arroyo did not want to pay child support and was very angry about how the divorce turned out. Wintters said dealings with David came when he appeared in his office after receiving a copy of the decree the judge had signed.

"He was upset about the terms of it, he didn't want to pay child support. He came in my office and threw a fit and frankly because family law is emotional we are used to being yelled at, It didn't stroke a cord with me then," said Wintters.

Wintters says he has made a decision that from this day forward, he will never take a family law, divorce case again. He says today's events were emotional and affected him deeply. He has also offered to help Estrada's family legally; in particular, the three boys who lost both their parents today. The youngest one, 10 years old, is now in need of someone to care for him.

Michelle Mortensen, reporting.