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Smith County District Attorney Says Entire Downtown Square Is Part Of The Crime Scene

Smith County District Attorney Matt Bingham wants to know how this shooting could have happened. He says the investigation on the downtown square will continue throughout the night and into Friday.

Thursday night, the job of answering all of the questions in this shooting rampage has begun. Just seconds after the first shots rang out, police worked to stop the violence and investigating it began.

"ATF and the FBI were there almost immediately. The police department responded within literarily seconds. You have the sheriff's office, the Longview Police Department and the Texas Rangers from all over East Texas are here," says Bingham.

Though many of the questions seem to have already been answered, the who and the why, investigators need to know more.

"DPS is out here mapping it, making a detailed scale diagram of where everything is located," says Bingham.

But it will not be an easy job. There are actually two crime scenes, the courthouse and where it all ended on Highway 271. But it's the entire courthouse that's filled with evidence of murder.

"There are bullets that went into the back of the courthouse that traveled on the ceiling, all the way almost to the front of the courthouse. So there's actually a piece of the bullet that's actually near the front door of the front of the courthouse."

One piece of the puzzle police say they won't have to answer is whether they took the proper steps in shooting the suspect.

"This was clearly a justified shooting by law enforcement. This is not an investigation towards whether law enforcement acted correctly."

Bingham expects the investigation to be complete by Friday.

Amy Tatum, reporting.

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