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2/24/05-East Texas

Press Conference On Tyler Shooting

At a police press conference today, we learned more of the shooter, David Hernandez Arroyo, Sr. Tyler police tell us this shooting wasn't the only act of violence Arroyo committed against his ex-wife Maribel. They say this past year, he had a history of assaulting her, and just this last week, he even made death threats against her. Those were threats that ultimately ended in two people losing their lives.

"He knew enough about the police department and had enough dealings with us in the past and with the sheriff's office, that he knew if anything was going to happen there at the courthouse he would be met with immediate response and that's exactly what happened. Mark Wilson confronted Arroyo, gunshots were fired, and Wilson was wounded. Obviously he came prepared, wearing a bullet proof vest and a flack jacket, and from witnesses accounts, we believe Mr. Wilson did actually shoot and hit him several times, but because of the bullet proof vest and a flack jacket Mr. Arroyo obviously had the advantage on Mr. Wilson. One of the deputies on the scene said he thinks if it hadn't been for Mr. Wilson, he thinks the son would be dead at this time, because Mr. Wilson did shoot the suspect. The suspect then got into his maroon extended cab pickup and fired rounds at the courthouse as he exited. He was firing at the officers several points during the pursuit. A sheriff's deputy's vehicle attempted to stop the vehicle, the suspect exited the vehicle, was firing rounds at the deputy, using an AK-47 assault riffle. The suspect was shot by Tyler Police Department officers and Smith County Deputies," Chief Gary Swindle of the Tyler Police Department.

The deputy shot today was not wearing a bullet proof vest, but police say the normal vest worn by officers, will not protect them against a semi-automatic weapon, like an AK-47. Police say there could have been as many as 100 witnesses to today's shooting. If you are one of them and have not given a written or recorded statement to them yet, call 903-531-1028.

Reporting: Braid Sharp

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