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Heather Strong - the Massey family cheers through cancer

Photo By: Teresa Nicklas Photo By: Teresa Nicklas

Meet Heather Massey, a senior cheerleader at Canton High School. While at first glance she may look like your average student athlete, she is much more.

“She’s got a lot of heart. A lot more then we’ve got I imagine,” said David Massey, Heather's father. 

After making varsity cheer in the summer, Heather was diagnosed with undifferentiated sarcoma. A type of cancer known to require in several combinations of chemo and radiation, in order to be successfully treated.

“They give  her two different types of chemo, two days a week. And then just one set of chemo on the third day. It will take all day with all the medicines they give her, to protect her heart, protect her kidneys,” said David. 

But, Heather doesn’t let that stop her from doing what she loves. She may realize she has limitations, but those are only physical not mental.

“I kinda got down a little bit, when I was first told I have cancer. And then after that I was kinda like, there’s no reason to be down. Nothing bad is going to happen to me. I don’t like pity either, so maybe if I’m up and cheery they won’t think any different of that,” said Heather. 

And despite the obvious white bandana, where her blonde hair once was, you wouldn’t know Heather was cheering her way through something much more then a football game or a pep rally.

“I was always the little girl in the cheer uniform,” said Heather.

To her teammates, friends, and family she is still Heather the cheerleader. But to me, and the rest of the world she is strong. Heather Strong. 

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