Pig 'n penne pasta salad by Bear Creek Smokehouse

Pig 'n penne pasta salad by Bear Creek Smokehouse

(KLTV) - Robbie Shoults of Bear Creek Smokehouse in Marshall joins us to share a simple but packed-full-of-flavor recipe for pasta salad. Seems like a perfect choice for a 3-day weekend celebration, doesn't it?

Pig N Penne Pasta Salad

1 lb box of Penne Pasta

1 cucumber, diced

1 bunch of green onions, chopped

1 cup sliced fresh mushrooms

1 cup sliced cherry tomatoes

4 boiled eggs, diced

1 cup of diced Bear Creek Ham

Mayo - 1/2 to 1 cup depending on your taste

Mustard (just a smidgen)

Salt and pepper to taste

Cook pasta according to directions and cool. Once pasta is cooled stir in the rest of the ingredients and add Mayo, Mustard, and Salt and Pepper to your individual taste.


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