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Better East Texas: Reading through Clinton's emails


The slow creeping email scandal surrounding Hillary Clinton seems to be moving with the deliberate pace of a lava flow.

Emails from Clinton’s private email server continue to be rolled out with regularity and the content on these emails is not favorable for Clinton. What is ironic in this is that it is the State Department that is doing the scrubbing of the emails and then presenting them to the public in batches. The most recent had several thousand emails, some of them heavily redacted.

It is obvious there is content it the emails that Clinton should have housed on the official, secure government serve. But she did not. What is interesting is the timing of these releases which will continue into next year. Each time there is a release, Clinton gets grilled on the campaign trail and all the questions and history associated with the server use are rehashed.

The topic just won’t go away and again, this is all presented from the State Department – the department of government that Clinton used to oversee. It appears that this could be politics at the highest level with Vice President Joe Biden flirting with a run for president which would be, in many ways, a third term for President Barack Obama and Biden would keep many of the Obama governing styles.

So, we’ll have to see what the next batch of emails reveals – it may be that they indirectly reveal that Biden becomes a serious force to succeed Obama, at the expense of Clinton.

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