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Better East Texas: President Obama bypasses procedure


What is in a name? For some of us, it is just a unique identifier of something or someone. For others, a name tells a story, conjures up emotion, and it can even stir patriotism.

Recently, President Barack Obama renamed Mount McKinley, Alaska and North America’s tallest peak, Denali. A quick history lesson – Congress named the mountain Mount McKinley in 1917, several years after the assassination of President William McKinley. It was an act designed to honor the fallen president who served in the U.S. military and was also the president that led the annexation of Hawaii, the president’s home state.

Native Alaskans have used the term Denali for years and have tried several times to have the mountain renamed, through Congress, the proper channel. The park and wildlife preserve were renamed Denali but Mount McKinley persevered, until now. Congress gave the name and should have been the only body to be able to change the name.

But here is President Obama, circumventing proper legislative procedure. I am frustrated as the next person about our slow and no moving Congress which is largely based on the party divide. But the resistance to change Mount McKinley’s name was made up of members from both parties.

So Congress thought it best to leave it alone and the president disagreed and moved anyway. Sound familiar? Healthcare? Immigration reform? Cuba?  We cannot ignore proper procedure in our country – it is poor example by this administration and for future administrations, regardless of party affiliation. 

But for now, so long Mount McKinley.

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