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Marshall boasts internet sensation

Caroline Manning has a new report about the significance of the Pope's decision to deem the coming year the 'Year of Mercy.'  When he announced it would give women who had participated in abortions a chance to be absolved, some didn't understand what made this year different.  The Diocese of Tyler helps try to make sense of it for you.

Chief Meteorologist Mark Scirto is in the Storm Tracker 7 Weather Center analyzing all of the data he will use to determine your new forecast.  Watch at 10 and he'll let you know what you can expect from the weather where you live in the next few hours and for the next few days.

An internet sensation who was alive for decades before the internet was even thought about makes her home right here in East Texas.  Troy Washington, with our Raycom sister station KSLA, joins us tonight with a new report that introduces us to famous 'Dancing Granny' Claudine Haggerty.

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