Braly Builders Supply in Palestine named a 'Texas Treasure' business

Braly Builders Supply in Palestine named a 'Texas Treasure' business

From the City of Palestine, Texas:

Sen. Robert Nichols, Rep. Byron Cook, the Texas Historical Commission (THC), the Texas Forest Trail Region and local community leaders recognized Braly Builders Supply on Thursday, August 27 with a Texas Treasure Business Award.

Created in 2005 and coordinated through the THC, the Texas Treasure Business Award program recognizes the accomplishments of Texas businesses that have provided employment opportunities and support to the state's economy for 50 years or more.

Locally-owned, family-operated Braly Builders Supply has been in business for more than 80 years. Stephen and Vicki Braly purchased and renovated a historic school in 2012 and moved the family-owned business to a new location in 2013.  In 2014, Ace Hardware named Braly Builders Supply the "Coolest Hardware Store on the Planet."

"People kind of forget that you can choose to invest your money and have your business in other places, but you've chosen to be here for all these years," Sen. Nichols said. "The fact that Braly Builders Supply was founded in 1932 in the Great Depression showed a lot of vision and being really brave, and then to take an old building like this school building that has touched so many lives over the years is pretty amazing also."

A special decal identifying the business as a Texas Treasure will be publicly displayed in Braly Builders Supply at 420 W. Palestine Avenue in Palestine, Texas. Customers will know when they spot the familiar Texas Treasure Business icon, they are doing business with a well-established, Texas-owned-and-operated business that has long contributed to job growth, stimulated the local economy, and generated state and local tax revenues.

"Small business is big business in rural Texas", stated Rep. Cook.

"This is about family businesses," said THC representative Vaughn Aldredge. "The most fun part of it is seeing the families that have stood the test of time and have contributed to the community. That's what we value the most in this award is, you've got staying power, you give back to the community, you give back to the area that you live in, you give back to the state of Texas."