Suspect Arrested In Sexual Assault Cases

Police have charged a 22 year old man with sexually assaulting two older women. Investigators say the women's ages range from 50 to 80 years old.

Both attacks happened in December within a few blocks of each other in Mt. Pleasant. The area of the assaults are bordered by 4 streets, north Jefferson, Arkansas, Lide and Ferguson.

Police say the suspect lived in the same neighborhood as his victims. Since the sexual assaults happened around the neighborhood in Mt. Pleasant, police say they knew who was responsible, but had to wait for the proof.

"We knew based on evidence recovered at scene- witness statements. Really the only hold up has been waiting to get forensic evidence back from the lab," says chief J.C. Burch.

When that evidence finally came back, police arrested 22 year old Gemyra Peters, a man very familiar with the neighborhood his victims lived in. "It's my understanding that he was staying at a home in that area," says chief Burch.

For residents there, the news of an arrest in this case comes as a relief.

"We now have that peaceful feeling. We have a feeling of peace," says resident Cleo Kidwell.

Jewel Dunn loves to go for walks around her apartment. Despite yesterday's arrest, she's still taking precautions. She keeps her pepper spray with her at all times.

"I usually take it in my hand but it gave me a little more courage when I saw his picture and then I heard he had been arrested. I'm real thankful for that," says Jewel.

Jewel says she still has concerns over her safety here,"I hope there's not anybody else that's a copy cat."

Police say tonight they have the man responsible. Gemyra Peters is charged with two counts of aggravated sexual assault and aggravated robbery. Mt. Pleasant police say back in November, another older woman was the victim of an attempted sexual assault. She also lived in the same general area. Peters has not been charged in that case, but police say he is a suspect.

Amy Tatum, reporting.