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Rains County authorities looking for failed ATM thieves

Source: (KLTV News Staff) Source: (KLTV News Staff)
Source: (KLTV News Staff) Footage from inside Longhorn Trailers Source: (KLTV News Staff) Footage from inside Longhorn Trailers
Source: (KLTV News Staff) Source: (KLTV News Staff)

Authorities in Rains County are looking for a team of two people they say tried to steal an ATM with a stolen forklift early Wednesday morning.

Sheriff's officials say the thieves struck around 2 a.m. at the Wood County National Bank in Emory. According to officials, the burglars tore the ATM out of the ground and almost got away, but decided to abandon the machine after getting stuck in the mud.

Surveillance video shows someone using a stolen forklift from a nearby construction site to rip an ATM out of the ground. After trying a few times, they finally managed to pick it up, before riding off.

That burglar is still at large, and investigators say it's a pretty strange case.

"It was definitely a first for me to see an ATM trying to be taken with a forklift, so definitely interesting to see it hanging from the side of the road on a fork stuck in the mud, two or three feet stuck so," says Investigator Lauryn Holcomb.

They ended up driving the forklift across the street and then got stuck in the mud right on County Road 3380, only a few hundred yards from the bank.  There, they decided to leave the ATM and the forklift before fleeing the area.

Authorities say they believe this attempted theft is connected to two men who also broke into Longhorn Trailers in Emory that same night and stole a trailer.

"We did also have a trailer theft that night, so we believe it might be in connection with the ATM theft," Holcomb says.

Ladale York, who lives on the county road near the bank where the suspects got stuck, is worried, and says hopefully, these kind of crimes do not continue.

"Makes you wonder if they took it once, once they replace this ATM is that gonna be just you know, sit back and watch and wait till they put one in and then come back and snatch it again?" says York.

The president of First National Bank of Gilmer, which owns the branch in Emory, says the ATM, was destroyed and will have to be replaced. The president says that could cost as much as $65,000.

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