Family Members Tell Us About Jessica Hart

"She's your beautiful, typical, outgoing girl. She had everything, she had everything going for her."

The description of a girl Phil Hart says his daughter used to be. Her mother Robin, has similar memories of Jessica.

"She was very intelligent, she was very smart, she was in band, she'd gone to state in Nacogdoches. She was even 2nd chair trumpet," says Robin.

And the MVP for her school's volleyball team. But after several years of following a bad crowd, things changed.

"Then two years ago, when she got in with the wrong people, she gave up," says Mr. Hart.

Through the years, Phil says he tried everything to keep his daughter away from negative influences, from an ankle monitor, to putting her in a Christian academy.

"When she first got here she seemed like she was doing really well, then it seemed like she regressed back into herself. She struggled with her self esteem, and it was sad, because we saw no reason for that. She didn't smile a lot, but when she did smile, it just lit up her face and you looked forward to those moments," says Lighthouse Christian Academy Principal, Carole Rapp.

Moments her parents remember and want to have again.

"I just want us to be close, because me and my mother were very close," says Jessica's mother.

"My hearts been torn up. I built a brick wall up and reality started hitting last night," says Mr. Hart.

Still not knowing where their daughter is, or what has happened to her, the Harts can only sit and wait, for answers.

"I have my moments but I just want her found. We're just praying the Lord will bring her home."

Jessica's parents say her daughter also has two identification markings: A small tattoo on her left shoulder, and a scar on her inside left knee. Again if you've seen her or have any information call Smith County officials.

Reporting: Braid Sharp