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Colorado student takes search for love to Youtube

Xavier Richards (Source: KCNC) Xavier Richards (Source: KCNC)

(KCNC/CNN Newsource) - The search for love is often limited by location. Dating websites have made it regional, but generally finding a mate happens within a radius of where you live. Xavier Richards wants to change that, so he’s taking his search for a soulmate worldwide and he’s hoping it goes viral.

“I like to say my three best talents are writing, driving and cooking,” Richards told CBS4.

The 24-year-old is a student, and a published author. All pretty impressive for a dating profile. So when Xavier decided to find his soulmate he turned tothe Internet.

“I’ve decided that this is the most important thing that I could ever do,” Richards explained.

It’s so important, he passed up,, and, among other websites to go global.

“My hope would be that it goes viral and people share it,” Richards said.

He made a video and posted it on He wants to reach the widest possible audience.

“There’s probably about 50 million English speaking girls my age, so I don’t know, if I can get 50 million hits, maybe that would be the number,” Richards said.

Out of 50 million hits, Richards believes he’s statistically more likely to find his perfect match.

“There has to be someone who is most similar to you, just by the virtue that there is a population,” Richards said

By accessing the entire population, Richards hopes he’s upping his odds of finding true love.

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