Better East Texas: Why the end of Ashley Madison is good news for marriages

Better East Texas: Why the end of Ashley Madison is good news for marriages

(KLTV) - Perhaps you remember the Johnny Lee song from 35 years ago, "Looking for Love In all the Wrong Places."

The title is certainly resonating with the roughly 30 million subscribers to, the website where users are able to secure extramarital rendezvous. The website was hacked and subscribers' names, identities and other personal information were dumped on the Internet.

The list appears to contain some government workers, military personal and others with security sensitive jobs. Now, there are several class-action lawsuits in motion that are seeking damages from the owners of the website. If the plaintiffs prevail though, it will be the lawyers that will reap the largest financial rewards. There are no doubt some pirated names in the database but this is dealing with millions of accounts.

Ultimately, it is hard to find too much sympathy for those subscribers who actually paid a fee to participate in the affair enabling website. The legal process will play out and stranger things have happened but a ruling against the company, designed to foster extramarital affairs would be hard to accept on the moral level. Marriages continue to be under attack on social media and sites like Ashley Madison continue to make the attacks easy.

Sadly, it is reported that there have been several suicides as a result of the Ashley Madison data dump. I suppose if there is any good out of this event, it may be that businesses that make a profit off of cheating spouses will be one less in number and that will make for a Better East Texas.

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