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Gift of Love: Dale and Roger

Dale is looking for the Gift of Love Dale is looking for the Gift of Love
Junior is looking for the Gift of Love Junior is looking for the Gift of Love
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It was an afternoon of fun for Dale and Roger.  Dale is a very enthusiastic and energetic 11 year old.  In school, Dale's favorite classes are math and science. And he's already thinking about his future.

"I want to work at a train station," Dale said.

This 11 year old is looking forward to turning 16 and getting his first vehicle.  He hopes to get a dually truck.  Dale loves to play outdoors and care for the horses on the ranch.  Like most 11 year olds, Dale enjoys playing video games and watching TV. But that's not all.

"I like to play football with my peers," Dale said.

Dale's favorite food is pizza! And for dessert, "chocolate covered strawberries," Dale said.

When it comes to Dale's three wishes, he hopes for a good life.

"For me to have a million bucks, get a good job and a good house," Dale said.

Dale says he would like to live in the country and have his own horse.  Dale also says he would like to do after school sports.

Big Brother Roger, who goes by the nickname Junior, is 12 years old.  Junior likes to read, especially about Pokemon. He collects the cards too.

"I like reading and playing card games and stuff like that," Junior said.

As for his 3 wishes, Junior would like to have super hero powers! 

"I wish I could fly, be super strong and Pokemon were real," Junior said.

Junior loves to eat pizza and he also likes steak.  To satisfy his sweet tooth... Junior enjoys, "cinnamon rolls," Junior said.

Junior says he would like to go to the Bahamas someday.  As for his forever home, he hopes to have lots of room to roam and a few animals to call his own.

"I want a family that lives in the country and can take care of me," Junior said.

And he hopes his new family likes to be active.  Junior would love to experience new activities and outings with his family.

"Play laser tag and paint ball" Junior said.

Both boys have a sister that they would like to stay in touch with.  Together they hope to find their forever family, a family that can show Dale and Junior the Gift of Love.

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