Power Chopper: "Does It Work?"

It's supposed to be the counter-top appliance that does it all. Blenders, juicers and choppers seem to be making a comeback on the "As Seen On TV" front. One of them is called the Power Chopper. Sounds powerful, doesn't it? Well it may have met its match. This week we put the Power Chopper to the "Does It Work?" test.

It's your 9-piece personal food processor. Just press and twist your way to healthy, fresh food in seconds. The motor unit is smaller than expected. It's accompanied by a small cup, 2 different blades, a large cup, a pusher used for making juice, a pitcher and few other attachments.

We'll start out with something easy, a strawberry-banana smoothie--some frozen strawberries, half a banana, some ice cream and some milk. The instruction book calls for the chopper blade. And seconds later, we have a smoothie, made in the cup, drank from the cup.

It comes with a juicer attachment too. It consists of a metal mesh apparatus that connects inside the blender pitcher. Drop the orange slices in the mesh attachment and the pulp stays inside the attachment and the juice is pushed out into the pitcher. You've got to see it really, but it works.

Later we chopped some onions in the small cup. The Power Chopper was a little too powerful though. Because there's not variable speed switch, we just pulverized the onions within just a few seconds. We tried it a couple of times and always turned out onion puree.

The makers obviously were going for simplicity by not including a switch. The Power Chopper is activated by pushing down on the cup or pitcher and twisting.

But, "Does It Work?" We give it a "yes."

And we really like the price. We got the Power Chopper at Bed, Bath & Beyond in Tyler for $19.99.

Everything is dishwasher and microwave safe. Of course, the motor unit you need to clean with a wet rag.