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Street Of Speed-Delwood Street

Delwood is a street in Longview many use as a cut through, but it's a residential neighborhood with a speed limit of 30 miles per hour. It's between Judson road and fourth street.

We knew we found the place to find speeders when we discovered the police had already set up on Delwood. One man was caught driving too fast in this 30 mile per hour zone. He was going 51 miles per hour. His excuse was that he woke up late and was trying to get to work.

It didn't take long to stop another. "He got me for 47," says Travis Sealey. He admitted he really didn't have much of an excuse. "I've lived right up there on Delwood for years, so I know the speed limit."

One right after the other, they were caught. Several were going 46. One of those clocked at 46 was Danny Clayton. "I thought the speed limit was at least 40. I've been going down this road for 15 years. I'm not happy and I told him [the officer] that too," says Clayton.

Our highest speed today was by a woman driving a jeep. She was going 63 in a 30.

Two others were clocked going 53. The average speed today was 50 miles per hour.

Amy Tatum, reporting.

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