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2/22/05-Upshur County

Trashing East Texas: White Oak Road

  Upshur County residents seeing their fair share of people "trashing East Texas" in their rural neighborhood. Trash can be found along White Oak Road, which is off of Locust Road. You can see unsightly trash and litter nesting in ditches. We spotted an unwanted couch and a large tire set along the wooded street. One resident, Rosella Craig, frequently drives White oak Road and says people should have more respect for their neighborhood. "We carry a bag in our car that we put trash in. When we get home, we take and empty it, that's how everyone should respect their neighbor or roads!"

Rosella also tells us they recently put a fence around their yard, because they were tired of cleaning up after the people who would dump trash on their property.

Christine Nelson reporting.

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