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Baby In Critical Condition, Mother Arrested

A Tyler baby is still fighting for his life at Children's Medical Center in Dallas, after police say he was shaken by his mother.

The 18-month-old has been in critical condition all weekend. Police say his mother took her unconscious baby to the hospital on Friday.

Vickie Lane Jones, 20, said her baby fell off the bed, but police didn't buy that story and arrested her Friday night. She's in the Smith County Jail, charged with injury to a child.

Police say Jones also has a 7-month-old child and is currently six months pregnant. CPS is checking into any other possible child abuse.

Dr. Bob Creath of Tyler's ETMC says Shaken Baby Syndrome can be caused by a few different things: shaking the baby violently, rotating the baby forcefully, and hitting the baby against something.

Dr. Creath says there's no way the baby would have become unconscious just by falling off the bed.

"Studies show that, in order to become unconscious or have a severe head injury, from a 3 or 4 foot fall, it's virtually impossible, unless there's some other force involved that accelerated you into the ground. You were hit into the ground or thrown into the ground, or the whole thing was a lie and that's not actually how it happened," he said.

Police are not releasing details on exactly how the injuries happened. They did say there were other signs of abuse, aside from the shaking.

To avoid shaking a baby, doctors say a parent who's angry or annoyed just needs to put the baby in the crib until the parent can cool off and not risk hurting the child.

Jones does have a criminal background, including aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. She's in jail on $750,000 bail. Her husband, who's believed to be the baby's father, is in jail on a drug possession charge.

Julie Tam, reporting.

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