Trash Dumpers Not Good "Neighbors" on Neighbors Road

"You know, I've lived here nine months, and I've seen more trash on the side of the road than I did in the 40 years growing up in Tennessee and it bothers me."

Donna Gedcke says the disregard for the beauty of East Texas is so disappointing. This part of Neighbors Road near Tall Timbers in Smith County is secluded. It might be a good shortcut, were it not for the trash.

"I wouldn't tell someone to go down Neighbors to get to Tall Timbers [subdivision]. As a matter of fact, I don't come down Neighbors anymore," she says.

Household garbage, beer cans, and even children's toys are strewn about, all because folks don't care.

"I don't understand why people have a disregard for the land. They're willing to just throw trash everywhere. And they don't care if they stop on the side of the road and there's somebody coming."

She is trying to help out, picking up where she can, but aside from the mess, it's the impact to the land itself she's most concerned about.

"Paint and paint thinners are in this water. And it is definitely an environmental concern," she says.

So long as the trash is still here, Donna says she's on a mission to keep the land clean however she can -- and to catch those responsible.

"I would take down a license plate to get somebody to stop. This is not a dumping ground, and they need to take it somewhere that can put it in the proper place."

Reported by Morgan Palmer.