Husband Named As Suspect In Weekend Murder Of Wife

Detectives in Smith County say they have a suspect in the shooting death of a woman over the weekend.  That suspect is her husband.

He reported he found 51-year-old Mary Smith dead at the couple's home on Highway 14 near I-20 early Sunday morning.

In their investigation, authorities learned 54-year-old James Smith is on lifetime parole for a 1975 murder in Bowie County.

While he hasn't been charged with the murder of his wife, he has been charged for a parole violation, because a firearm was allegedly found in the home.

Those who know Mary Smith are in shock.  They say she was a woman who had no enemies, and worked to make her community a better place.

"Mary was sweet. Very personable, always smiling. She was an usher at the church. It was her job to greet people when they came in and she did exactly that," says relative Cynthia Meely.

The home where Mary Smith lived was the scene of tragedy about ten years ago. Two of Mary's three daughters were killed in a fire there.

Reported by Morgan Palmer.