Unique sno-cone truck has the solution to E. Texas heat

Unique sno-cone truck has the solution to E. Texas heat

JACKSONVILLE, TX (KLTV) - Sno-cones: the very thought of them gives us brain freeze and cools us off by several degrees. They are a delicious treat, they are inexpensive, and they're loved by children and adults alike...including the social media team at Texas Monthly.

Not that we need to know their history in order to love them, but we investigated and found three different stories about how the frozen treat was invented. One attributed the original sno-cone to ice wagon drivers in the 1850s, who were followed by children asking for ice shavings. That, it is thought, led to flavored syrups being added at some point.Some say they were invented in 1919 by Samuel Bert at the State Fair of Texas. We also read that Ernest Hansen from New Orleans patented the first block-style ice shaving machine in 1934, so some credit the sno-cone to him.

Regardless of who the inventor was, we are on board with sno-cones. So is East Texan Whitney Graham Carter, who owns a sno-cone truck in Jacksonville. But be prepared for unique offerings from this truck, as she offers more than the usual grape or cherry flavors to customers.

Super-Sno, Carter's truck, offers flavors like ginger-peach sweet tea, and organic kaffir-lime with coconut (topped with shaved coconut). A top seller, Carter says, is cucumber melon with super-chile spice mix and marshmallow fluff, topped with a gummy bear. She said she even has some customers who ask her to make cherry with pickle flavor. 

"It sounds weird, but people love it," she said.

When Texas Monthly's social media team saw Carter's Instagram post featuring her own favorite flavor combination, blackberry-lavender, they asked hopefully, "Do you deliver to downtown Austin?"

But they'll have to head to 506 E. Rusk to get the amazing cold treats, just like the rest of us. 

You can visit Super-Sno on Facebook by clicking here. You can find them in the Greenhouse Mall parking lot at 506 E. Rusk during their business hours.

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