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Better East Texas: Politicians quick to jump on Trump

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For the first few weeks of the campaigning for president in the Republican Party, it was essentially off-limits to attack or criticize Donald Trump.

Now, after the recent Republican front runner debate, it seems that everyone from every side is piling on and bashing the Don. In most cases, this would be fine since he is the front runner, but the attacks are just too coordinated and it seems there is the making of a Republican consortium where they, and the Democrats for that matter, are all reading from similar talking points.

In the meantime, less and less talk happens on the issues and platforms. I can hardly remember more than a position or two from each candidate on critical issues like job creation, international affairs, social security – all the talk seems to center around Trump. It needs to move to the issues or the Democrats will have an easy time keeping the White House.

I believe the curiosity surrounding Trump will die out and he will sound bite himself out of the race. He is a skilled businessman but not a politician – and those are his words. He feels the U.S. needs a businessman but our governing system is based around politicians. It is that simple and it will become even more apparent as the campaigning continues. But we need discussion on real topics now as only that will create a true presidential race and that will make for a Better East Texas. 

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