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Now You See It: Off duty bus driver saves woman from car sinking in canal

(KYMA/ CNN Newsource) - School bus driver by day, and on Friday, Adam Reyes was also a life saver.

“Everything happened in less than half a second,” Adam said.

On Friday evening, his wife Rebeca captured cell phone video showing an SUV submerged in a swiftly moving canal near 8th Street and Alicia Avenue. The couple had driven by moments earlier as the vehicle began to sink.

“Right away, I parked and asked my wife to call 911, and I just dive in,” he described.

Adam said he pulled the woman out through an open window.

He said, “The lady felt that I was there; she was kinda almost choking me. Her arms were around my neck.”

Even with the strong current, he somehow managed to swim both of them back to dry land. By that time, the car was completely under water. The woman was crying so uncontrollably Adam never got a chance to even speak with her.

“She was in shock. She wasn’t able to talk to no one. The deputy that arrived, the first one, wasn’t able to get a phone number, because she just couldn’t,” Adam said.

Adam said he would not consider himself a hero, but his wife may tell you differently.

“‘(reporter) Are you proud of your husband?’ Yes, I’m proud,” Rebeca replied.

Adam and Rebecca said they hope to meet the woman Adam pulled from the canal.

We are told she went to the hospital for an examination but is okay.

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