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Witten Within Reach


"I want to be the best i want to be apart of a teams that's about that, and so it really Isn't about 55 more catches..its about be apart of a team that went after it and tried to be great," said Jason Witten, Cowboys tight end. 

It may not be about any personal record for Tight End Jason Witten, but entering his thirteenth year in the one and only home he's known in the NFL, it won't be a surprise if this season he does reach the top. And when it comes cowboy fans looking for a super bowl... Witten says his the long term relationship with America's QB will pay off. 

"Trust the connection the whereabouts. I mean we continue to work on it, I mean we got twelve years together its going on thirteen  it will pay off for us," said Witten.

Looking at eighty-two's stats you may think the work has already payed off. One thing about greatness though, its never satisfied. 

"You always find things that you can do better, you have to critique yourself, evaluate it - I try to do that. I feel like that's my best trait is to go back and find things that I can do better. That's the approach I've had and its really worked out for me," said Witten. 

Another one of Witten's best traits is going with the flow, leading by example, and not questioning his coaching staff. Even if they tell you to put your head in a bucket of ice cold water then catch a football. 

"I felt like my two year old coming out of the water, ultimately its just different ways to get you to concentrate, and focus on catching a football." 

The drills might not make sense but one things for sure, it could be lucky number 13. The year a cowboy, and the cowboys become number one.

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