Hallsville Mayor Holds Office For 35 Years

A Hallsville man is filing to run for mayor, a position he's held over a 5 decade period. At 76, the age most people are well into retirement, T. Bynam "Tex" Hatley is filing to run for Hallsville mayor again, a position he's held for 36 years.

"I enjoy working.  I enjoy people, thats why I like real estate and insurance and I like with the city.   The people complain and all that but it doesn't bother me I listen to them if they're not making sense I don't pay attention, but if they have a problem I'll help solve it,"  Hatley says.

He was first elected in 1969, and has worked ever since then to bring businesses and prosperity to his town.   His family has lived in Hallsville since 1839, his father ran a country store, his grandfather was a country doctor, and Hatley can't imagine living anywhere else.

"I like working with people.   I couldn't retire.  Doing nothing would run me nuts," says Hatley.

A longtime real estate agent, he knows every foot of property in the Hallsville area, but is perhaps best know for his down to earth personality and homespun humor.   He's worked on improved housing and currently trying to bring a Brookshires to town, and he hopes people keep electing him based on a simple philosophy he lives by.

"If your selling the truth you don't have to worry about your deals, but if your lying writing it on paper is not going to help," he says.

Filing for mayor in Hallsville ends March 7th.

Bob Hallmark reporting.