Gift of Love: Deyshawn

Gift of Love: Deyshawn

(KLTV) - It was an afternoon at the batting cages for 15 year old Deyshawn.  This sophomore has a good sense of humor and likes to make others laugh. Deyshawn enjoys music, video games and sports. 
"Basketball and football," Deyshawn said.

Deyshawn says his favorite position in basketball is point guard and in football his favorite is safety.  He also likes to write and enjoys poems.  And once he gets to know you, Deyshawn might be willing to show off his dance moves.

As for Deyshawn's favorite food, "Pizza," Deyshawn said.

And for dessert, "I can't have a lot of sugar so I would say apple pie," Deyshawn said.

Deyshawn says he is diabetic and that's why he has to watch his sugar.  He says it's something he manages daily.

When it comes to Deyshawn's three wishes, he hopes to just lead a good life.
"Wish for more wishes, to have fun and live my life," Deyshawn said.

Deyshawn is drawn to those he believes care for him.  He greatly desires to be part of a family.  Deyshawn would most benefit from a family that is patient and provides clear expectations and structure.  Deyshawn would like an active family who keeps him busy with all the things he loves doing.  And he hopes that includes vacation!

"Hawaii because I've never been there.," Deyshawn said.

Deyshawn needs a family who is wholeheartedly and unconditionally committed to his well-being and shows him the Gift of Love.

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