Boy Scouts Receive A Donation From The Community

Some Cub Scouts made the leap tonight, becoming Boy Scouts. Their entire troop got a big surprise. Scoutmaster of Bullard's pack 366 was presented with a much-needed trailer, so the kids can enjoy the great outdoors.

The Webelos troop is new and didn't have a trailer to haul its camping supplies. Camping is an integral part of scouting. The 10 members of the troop, no longer Cub Scouts, but Boy Scouts, now doubles the size of the troop there.

Scoutmaster Mark Maple said, "Our group has been growing here in Bullard. We've been trying to get to camps with pickup trucks and SUVs and that kind of thing and this'll just open it up for so many more kids to be able to go camping with us."

The money for the trailer was donated by several organizations, including parents, in the Bullard community. The scouts tested out their new trailer, with a camp out Friday night.

Morgan Palmer, reporting.