Freedom Fighters: Roger Stilwell

World War II started for Roger Stilwell in 1939 when he joined the U.S.Coast Guard. As soon as he boarded the U.S.Coast Guard Cutter Bibb, Stillwell was involved in rescuing survivors of a German submarine attack. After the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, war became official.

Although Stilwell's youngest brother was killed during World War II and another wounded, Stilwell and The Bibb survived the war. However, The Bibb hasn't survived the peace. Eleven years ago, The Bibb was sunk off the Florida Keys. It now rests on the ocean floor as a fish habitat. Divers who swim around its' hull are entranced by the sea life it attracts, rarely thinking about the ship's earlier life.

Roger Stilwell remembers the hundreds of lives saved by The Bibb, the supplies it protected and most of all the men who sailed her.

Joan Hallmark, reporting.