Tatum Woman Angry Over Gas Bill

An East Texas woman says her last gas bill from CenterPoint Energy was eight times higher than she's ever paid. As a lab tech for Henderson Memorial Hospital, Holly Liles works hard for her money.  She doesn't like surprises in her monthly budget, so a recent bill from CenterPoint Energy got her angry.

"When I opened this gas bill, I got the shock of my life, it was $226. There was no way I used eight times as much gas in the month of January as I had in the previous eight months," said Liles.

When she called to complain, she says a company rep offered nothing but excuses.

"After she told me how much cold weather we'd had, I told her I still had mosquitos in my garage and ladybugs, so it wasn't cold enough to kill the bugs. Then, she told me my meter wasn't being read properly, iI told her I did not hire the meter reader, that was their employee doing this" she said.

Liles says the rep told her she must being doing something to have a bill that high.

"I told her I had not opened a coin operated laundry with 26 dryers and told the whole town to come and dry their clothes, I had not opened a trailer park," Liles said.

Liles has a solution she believes would solve the problem. That is to let customers choose their own gas provider.

Bob Hallmark, reporting.