City Files Closing Arguments In CenterPoint Rate Case

Friday afternoon, the city of Tyler filed written closing arguments in its lawsuit against CenterPoint Energy and its high natural gas prices.

Mayor Joey Seeber says the issue is not simply one of high prices, but the way CenterPoint chose the prices.

"They're hoping, like in most cities, that we don't ask what the gas cost is, but we did ask, and when we asked, we were stonewalled," Seeber said. "In fact, we were sued so they wouldn't have to give us information and have a public hearing. The bottom line is they could make more money, when they weren't supposed to make money for the cost of gas. But they found a way to make more money on the cost of gas, and we in the city of Tyler have paid for it."

The hearing examiners will review all the evidence in the case. They will then send a recommendation to the Railroad Commission. That will determine if Tyler will get a reimbursement for tens of thousands of CenterPoint customers.

Julie Tam, reporting.