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Better East Texas: Dealing with law enforcement

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Sometimes it is saddening to think of sayings that have gone away or no longer apply – such is the case with the saying - routine traffic stop, when it comes to speaking of law enforcement actions.

There are no longer routine traffic stops. Police-related violence that we have seen on body camera and brazen attacks on police from rioters and most recently the murder of an officer in Memphis have driven home how dangerous the profession of law enforcement is.

Police officers go through rigorous physical training along with training on making split decisions under incredible pressure.  It is obvious that some cops have made the wrong decision. This is magnified with the proliferation of body cameras on law enforcement officers that capture nearly every move, especially the mistakes.

It is vital that we, as citizens, remember that police officers are on edge with every stop and we need to learn proper body language and actions to help lower any added tension. We need to follow officers’ directions to us and respect them. It is saddening when you hear of someone resisting arrest, fleeing from law enforcement, or just bad-mouthing officers.

They are not perfect, but we must be a community that follows our laws and respects law enforcement. There will be more violence toward officers and by officers and the civility of our culture must push back against both instances – and that will make for a Better East Texas.

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