West Mountain Homeowner Says People Use Street As Dumping Ground

Another rural homeowner says folks are trashing her part of East Texas, and she's not happy about it.

Melesia Stevens lives on Silver Spruce Road near West Mountain in Upshur County.  Someone dumped this washer and dryer right in front of her home. There's also trash strewn about. She says she's asked the county to pick it up. The county tells KLTV 7, the appliances will be taken care of soon.

But Stevens says, it's the serenity of this quiet area, her home, that's already been invaded by people dumping trash.

"There are only two houses on this road for quite a stretch. It's out of sight, and so they think it's OK, they can get away with it is what they think," she says.

Stevens also wants the drainage ditches along Silver Spruce cleared out, as standing water results. The Upshur County Road and Bridge Department says anyone who reports a problem like that will have it resolved, though it takes time.

Reported by Morgan Palmer.