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Neighborhood Gas Leak Has One Woman Concerned

"The odor. The smell of rotten eggs. It was really powerful," says Tarva Smith.

Tarva was certain she had a gas leak, but CenterPoint Energy, her gas company, wasn't so sure.

Reporter: "Did they not notice the smell?" "No," says Tarva. "They could not find a leak and could not smell anything."

But Tarva wouldn't take no for an answer and kept calling CenterPoint.

"They finally came out 30 days ago and they said they found the leak in the street. They came out yesterday and found another leak here," says Tarva.

In all they found 4 leaks, one right on her property. The solution, drilling holes in the street and digging up her yard to let the gas out. But no repairs have been made.

"I think it is frightening. Someone flicking a lit cigarette out the window would be extremely dangerous," says Tarva.

According to Fred Carl, CenterPoints district manager, Tarva's gas leaks aren't that dangerous, in fact he says they are very common.

"If it is a small, pin hole leak, like the point of a pin, it will be noticeable, that's why we put the odor in the gas, but the amount of leakage is such that it is not dangerous," says Carl.

After more research into the gas leak on Tarva's property, Fred Carl told us in an e-mail that the leak had been investigated, is an outside leak and will be scheduled for repair. Tarva just hopes it's fixed sooner than later.

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