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Dallas Cowboys offensive line is ready to play out onlookers great expectations


With Pro Bowlers Zack Martin, Tyron Smith and Travis Frederick the Dallas Cowboys have had one of the best offensive lines in the NFL.

“We made a great emphasis on building a great offensive line. We’ve allocated some significant resources to that and those guys in a lot of ways became the heartbeat of our team,” said head coach Jason Garrett. “We want to be physical and control the line of scrimmage and those guys allowed us to do that.”

Considered the best unit of the Cowboy’s team, they line takes those expectations seriously.

“We know the standard is set very high and that’s great. That’s the way we want it, that’s the way we like it and we couldn’t have better guys in the room to approach that and accept that,” said Martin.

“We talked about having all the right sizes of gears and all those gears fitting and working together. We’re going to have a good shot,” said Frederick.

Left tackle Smith is the oldest of the three Pro Bowlers and said communication is a big reason why they were able to pave the way for the league’s second rushing offense in 2014.

“Everybody’s willing to communicate on the line and once again we’re a family. We know each other’s strengths, weaknesses, we know how to clean each other up and help each other out,” said Smith.

“Communication is huge. What I learned last year is every week the team’s plans will show you something different than what you’ve been studying so communication on the field and trust to play together is huge,” said Martin.

All of those qualities come easy because the line is constantly together off the field. Frederick said their bond to them being successful.

“You start knowing what guys are thinking and it gets to the point where you don’t have to make calls because you know that guys going to know it or he knows what you’re thinking. We know if he does or doesn’t need the help and it just comes with being together and working together,” said Frederick.

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