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Better East Texas: Republican candidates aim for shock value

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The first Republican debate will take place in a few days and, as you may have heard, only the top 10 candidates in the polls will get an invite.

That leaves six candidates out. So, to work to ensure they get an invite, you would expect the candidates to be campaigning, pressing the flesh and getting the word out about their platforms, right?  Wrong.

This early primary season has turned into a sideshow, not only with the fact that there are 16 declared candidates but more than anything it is due to what the candidates are doing and saying.

The words of Donald Trump have been well-chronicled, Gov. Mike Huckabee has been very critical of the proposed Iran nuclear agreement, Sen. Lindsey Graham has found a dozen ways to destroy a cell phone, and Sen. Rand Paul has chainsawed a print out of the tax code.

All of these events and speeches have little to do with campaigning and more to do with shock value – again – with the goal of creating enough controversy and interest to make the cut and participate in the debate. Who knows if the field of Republican candidates will thin sooner or later but until that happens, the voters will see little on the side of true platforms and policy beliefs from the candidates. Instead, shock and awe will be the campaign theme populated with wild, real-life political ads featuring absurd statements and accusations.

It is not effective campaigning and cannot last for long..

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