Better East Texas: Where America stands on President Obama

Better East Texas: Where America stands on President Obama

(KLTV) - President Barack Obama said in a speech given in Africa that he thought he'd been a pretty good president and that if he could run again, he'd probably win.

This is a jab aimed at Hillary Clinton and the committee of Republicans running to become the successor to Obama. It also speaks volumes to the ego drive of the president.

Now, I would guess that just about every president would say that exact quote, if asked the question. No one would admit they were not popular or had not succeeded in their term as president. Both Bill Clinton and George W. Bush probably felt the same way. But while Obama has succeeded in getting recent victories on a number of fronts - including challenges to the Affordable Care Act, same sex marriage and others - I have to really wonder whether or not he would win enough of the country to be re-elected.

The president's job approval rate is around 45 percent, this is higher than Congress, but certainly not a convincing majority and his job disapproval rating is north of 50 percent in most polls – so re-election would be challenging at best.

Presidents, especially late in their terms, seem to surround themselves with like-minded support teams. Meaning they rarely hear criticism and therefore get an inflated opinion of their popularity.

Now, Obama has shown his leadership style on many of these recent issues, but leadership does not equate to popularity and that is where he is challenged. Term limits will keep the question from ever really being considered.

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