Problems Found At Longview Restaurants

Five Longview restaurants were hit with the most serious violations in the latest round of inspections by the Environmental Health Department.

That includes Pancho's Mexican Buffet at 1021 Highway 31. Nine violations were found in a January 25th inspection, including uncleaned food contact surfaces, hygienic violations and rapid reheating of foods. They scored a "C" and caught the attention of inspectors who intend to return.

"We look for anything, any violations that could cause a food-born illness to the public, that's what we're here to do," said Kevin Cummings of the Environmental Health Department.

Nine violations were also found in a February 8th inspection of Trejo's Mexican Restaurant at 1020 West Marshall. There was cross-contamination of raw and cooked foods, improper handling of foods and hygienic violations among employees. They scored a "C".

Hupei Chinese Restaurant at 501 Spur 63 had seven violations in a February 10th inspection. Hot foods were at unsafe temperatures and there were improper hand wash facilities. They scored a "B".

Seven violations were also found at Lupes Mexican Restaurant in a January 20th inspection. Food contact surfaces were uncleaned and hot foods were kept at unsafe temperatures. They scored a B.

Famous Wok at the Longview Mall had six violations in a February 10th inspection. There was evidence of insect contamination and hygienic violations among employees. They scored a B.

All reports are provided by the Longview Environmental Health Department.

Bob Hallmark, reporting.