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CenterPoint Energy Customer Sounds Off

KLTV has received dozens of e-mails from angry CenterPoint Energy customers outraged at a major spike in their bills.

One of the outraged customers we've heard from is Barbara Thurmon of Kilgore.
Barbara couldn't believe her eyes when she opened her mail Wednesday afternoon.

"I opened it up and I thought, 'Oh, golly this has got to be a mistake.'"

She was staring at a gas bill for almost $400.

"Something is wrong somewhere," Barbara said, "and so out of line with everything on the other bills."

Barbara's bill was $113 last month and shot up to $377 this month.

She said the high bill centers around a $190 cost adjustment charge.

When she called CenterPoint for answers, she says no one could explain it.

"No reason whatsoever," she said. "They just said that they would give me an extension or they would try to find someone that would help me pay it. I said that's no

Barbara said what is the problem is that in four years of living in the house alone, her gas usage has never been as high as CenterPoint claims.

"My CCF's for last year total were 891. The total for the year before was something like 794. The year before that it was 851 the whole year. Now they are telling me I've used 322 in one month. So, I just can't believe it.

Now on a limited income, Barbara will have to cut corners to pay up and keep warm.

"It's going to make the budget tight. So I'll just have to scrimp and do whatever I have to, to pay it."

Just one room in her home uses gas for heat and Barbara conserves use of her gas fire place and water heater.

She's checking her meter everyday to make sure the usage doesn't jump up. Barbara said she will call CenterPoint everyday if she has to, until someone can explain to her, why.

"I'll just keep going up the line until I get someone that can give me some satisfaction on what's happening here."

Barbara said a CenterPoint Energy repairman did come to her house to check her meter. She said the repairman found no leak around the house and could offer no explanation for the high reading.

Maya Golden reporting,

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