Longview Maestro Named President Of Conductors Guild

A big honor for an East Texas symphony conductor today, as he is named president of an international guild.
"Maestro" Tonu Kalam, a native of Estonia and conductor of the Longview symphony, was elected by "his peers worldwide" as president of the international conductor's guild. In a ceremony today at the summit club, Kalam was presented "the key to the city", a Texas fla

And a city council proclamation was read, making today "Tonu Kalam day". And for the maestro, the honors were accepted on behalf of what he loves bes

"The most important thing to me is to make good music to bring joy to audiences, the recognition that comes from that is secondary, I'm happy to have it I enjoy it when people tell me they like what I do and peers recognize me, but to me the greatest satisfaction is performing a great concert and turning an audience on" sa

Among his duties as president, Kalam will act as an ambassador to promote the growth of symphony orchestra's worldwide.

Symphony supporters are also seeking to have Kalam designated "a naturalized Texan" in the state leg