Eltife And Seeber Sound Off On CenterPoint Energy

East Texas government leaders say you can join them in the fight against Centerpoint Energy's rising rates. Right now, the city of Tyler is seeking 25 million dollars in refunds for the alleged overcharges through the railroad commission.

State Senator Kevin Eltife and Tyler Mayor Joey Seeber say they will continue to fight until the skyrocketing gas prices go down.

"Back when I was mayor we started this case and Mayor Seeber and the council have had the fortitude and courage to continue the fight, so we can find out exactly if they are charging us the right gas prices," says Eltife.

"Our investigation shows that for 10 years Centerpoint deliberately mislead and deceived the city of Tyler in a price manipulation scheme that cost out residents 25 million dollars. I don't know what they are doing today but when they did it for a 10 year period, it makes me suspicious of what they are doing today," says Seeber.

"There are a lot of people that can't afford these bills and have no where to go. They're people without a voice in the system, and that is why myself, Mayor Seeber and the council are taking the fight to the railroad commission where the people will have a voice," says Eltife.

'We're fighting at the railroad commission, we're encouraging people to write letters and at the appropriate time we want to encourage people to come to Austin," says Seeber.

'There is talk of putting people on busses and I will get the money and pay for the charter buses if people from Tyler want to get on those buses and come to the railroad commission and tell them what center point is doing," says Eltife.

You can write the Texas Railroad Commission expressing your thoughts, complaints and concerns. The letters will be read into the record as evidence in Tyler's pending rate dispute.

Send your letters to Railroad Commission of Texas, C/O Loretta Howard; Legal Division, P.O. Box 12967 Austin, Texas 78711-2967. Include a reference docket number 9364.