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Freedom Fighters: Harold Raines

Harold Raines (Source: Family) Harold Raines (Source: Family)
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When World War II ended, Harold Raines thought war, for him, was over. That was, until he received a letter four years later, calling him back to the Navy. 

"All of a sudden, two zeroes came in like that," Raines says, remembering his experience.

He was barely 18 when he served aboard a sub chaser in the Pacific in WWII. 
"It did some damage  and it also got a piece of shrapnel in my right eye, right in the edge."

Raines had tried to join the service when he was 16, but was turned down. Then his mother wouldn't sign his papers until he had finished high school. Soon after joining the navy at 18, Raines arrived in the Pacific, just in time for the invasion of Guadalcanal.

"I was a signal man and we were about three miles from shore, in order to direct the landing ships to shore,"

After Guadalcanal, Raines' sub chaser was sent out into the surrounding waters, looking for Japanese submarines. 

"We sank two submarines by using depth chargers. You could fire seven depth chargers at the same time off each ship.

As the war was drawing to a close, Raines' ship and hundreds of others were drawn together in a giant taskforce for the invasion of Japan. The dropping of bombs and the Japanese surrender saved them from the invasion and probably saved their lives. Instead, the crew of Raines ship volunteered for a 90-day "Island hopping duty."

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